How to set transaction tolerances for incoming payments

This guide will explain and walk through how to setup tolerances for your transactions on EukaPay

To navigate the tolerance settings go to settings from the dropdown/sidebar on the top right. Once in settings click on 'Financial' in the tab menu and then 'Transactions' in the sub-tab menu.

How the transaction tolerances setting works is that it allows merchants to accept under/over payments by setting the percent value for the acceptable variance of overpaid and underpaid transactions. If disabled or set to 0%, all underpayments will be requested to pay again, and overpaid with be accepted. For both tolerances, there is only a max of 10%. An example of this is if a product is $100.00 with the tolerance for underpay is set to 2%, while the overpay is set to 5%. Then the transaction will be considered paid if a customer pays equal or between $98.00 and $105.00.