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  2. Accepting crypto payments (Merchants)

How to Use: Terminal

The Terminal is a payment feature that functions similar to a point-of-sale system. It allows merchants to instantly request and accept crypto payments.

You can access Terminal through the merchant Dashboard. 

Terminal 2.2
To execute a transaction, use the following steps:

  1. Input the amount to be paid.Terminal 3.2-1

  2. Once that is complete you may pass the device over to the customer that will pay, where they will review, select a tip amount, and pay the balance owed.
    Terminal 3.3

  3. Select digital currency that the customer wishes to pay with.
    Terminal 3.4

  4. To pay, the customer will have to open their digital wallet(e.g. MetaMask, Trust, WalletConnect), then scan the QR code displayed and send the amount above.
    Terminal 3.5

  5. After the transaction has been sent by the customer the following screen will allow you to view transaction details and send a receipt to the customer by inputting their email.
    Terminal 4

Note: Cryptocurrency rates are guaranteed for approximately 20 minutes and auto-refresh after this timeframe.