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How to add crypto payments to Xero Invoicing

This tutorial walks you through how to add EukaPay as a payment option natively within a Xero invoice.

  1. On the Xero dashboard, head to your company profile(Top Left), then select "Settings"
    xero settings 1

  2. On the settings window, click on "Payment Services" in the right column.
    xero payment services 2

  3. Scroll down to Additional Payment Services, then click "Add Other," then choose Custom Payment URL.
    Screenshot 2 add aditional payment setting-2

  4. On the Custom Payment URL Form, enter the following information:
    Account name: "EukaPay".
    Pay now button text: "Pay with Crypto".
    Your custom URL: see next steps(5 - 9)

    paymnt url form fill

  5. Log in to your EukaPay Business Account. Then select Settings from the top right on your screen.

    in dashboard-1

  6. On the Settings screen, navigate to the Integrations tab and select "Payment URL". 
    in settings-2

  7. Under "Create a Xero Custom Payment URL", enter an appropriate title for your payment URL. Then click "Create".
    in settings name -1

  8. Scroll down to the Custom Payment URL section, then copy the link provided.
    in settings name copy-1

  9. Paste the Payment link into the Custom Payment URL Form in Xero, then click "Save".
    paymnt url form fill xero

  10. Now add your Pay with Cryptocurrency button, using the following substeps:
    1. Under the Connected payment services section, click on "Manage themes" 
      step 10 manage theme

    2. In the window that opens, select "Eukapay" from the dropdown in the Credit Card column and click "Save" when you are done
      step 10 b 
  11. Next, Head to the Business tab(top left of your screen). Then select Invoices.
    business tab

  12. In the Invoices window, select New Invoice
    new invoice-1

  13. Enter details for your invoice, then click Approve.

  14. Next click Email, then Send to deliver the invoice to your client's email.
    invoice to send

  15. In their email, client will click on Pay Now button. 
    invoice in email-2

  16. On the Xero payment window, the client can click the Pay With Cryptocurrency button to pay using digital currency. 
    xero pay now-1