How to Add your company Logo & Custom colors (Branding)

This is a step-by-step guide on how customize the your payment screen with your company’s logo and colors.

You can add your company logo to payout forms using the Branding option in settings. 

1. settings 2

  1. Login to your EukaPay account, then select Settings from the top right on your screen. 

         1. settings
  2. On the Settings screen, navigate to the Business tab and select "Branding". From here, select the "Edit" option to the right of your screen, then the Upload button to begin customizing your checkout screen
    2. in settings

  3. Next you may choose the desired logo you want your clients to seeing during checkout. 
    3 select logo-2

    *Note: Image being uploaded must have a maximum size of 500kb. 

  4. Next select the Brand color you want to be the main theme during checkout. Select "Save" to add your logo and custom color to your payment form. (Optional: You may also download a marketing kit with pre-made payment buttons and logos)
    4. download badge

  5. You can now use head to Templates and use the View Template option, to get a preview of the final product that will go on your website. 
    pay screen