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How to add crypto payments for Event Tickets (Pay with Crypto button)

This feature allows merchants to create seamless, user-friendly payment forms that can be used to accept online crypto payments for multiple items.

You can access Templates through the merchant Dashboard. Snips

  1. Select an appropriate Use Case: In this scenario select Event Tickets, then click "Next"
    1 use case-1

  2. On the Create Template screen, enter an appropriate Event Name and Description for your payment form.
    event details

  3. Scroll down to the questionnaire section, then select the information that will be requested by your payment form. You can chose to make some information mandatory.
    customer info

  4. You may also request additional info by clicking "Add additional question", then selecting either Short Answer or Checkbox. 
    add aquestion

    *Note: First and last name, and email is always collected from the customer. 

  5. Under the Ticket/Items section, click on "Create new ticket/item" to add a new item to your payment form. You can repeat this step for multiple items.
    ticket items

  6. In the "Create New Ticket" window, add a Name and Price for your ticket/item, then click Create.
    create vip tix

  7. Use the "Add Tax" feature to add any applicable taxes from the dropdown menu to you checkout.
    add tax

  8. Under the Promo Codes section, click on "Create new promo code" to add a discount code to your payment form (if applicable).
    promo 1

  9. Use the template preview on the right to review how the information you entered will look on your website. Select "Save Template" to generate your payment link.
    template preview full

  10. Next on the Template Details page, users are provided with three options:
    1. Option 1: Under the Link tab, copy the link provided and paste on your website. This will add a payment form that opens a new window for users to make a payment.  
      save temp 1

      Example: Linked payment form (Blockchain Futurist Conference)
      futurist linked
    2. Option 2: Under the Button tab, copy the link provided and paste on your website to add a one-click payment button. There is also a file with additional button designs available for download. 
      save temp 2
    3. Option 3: Under the Embed tab, copy the link provided and paste on your website to add a payment form that allows users to make payment without leaving your webpage.
      save temp 3

      Example: Embedded payment form (Blockchain Futurist Conference
      irl example


Use Case: EukaPay - Buying Tickets with Cryptocurrency (Blockchain Futurist Conference 2022)