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Sending funds after payment window time expired

This serves as a guide for consumers who completed a payment when invoice timer expired.

Payment transactions completed after the invoice timer will result in an "unpaid" status. In such cases, users must contact EukaPay through to resolve the uncredited payment and submit the following information for verification purposes:

  1. Transaction Hash or ID

    A transaction hash/ID, often abbreviated as tx hash or txn hash, acts as a distinctive identifier much like a receipt, providing verification that a transaction has been validated and added to the blockchain. A transaction hash is typically a 64-character or 66-character string, where each character can be any alphanumeric character.

    Example: 09f7e02f1290be211da707a266f153b3ac7ccf8a6860e7859347ae2c7df46b8e

  2. Return Wallet Address
    If user opted for a refund, user must confirm the wallet address where the funds are to be sent back that was associated with the expired transaction. (the amount sent will be inclusive of network and refund fees)

If you have other questions and/or clarifications you can contact us by submitting a ticket on our support page here or send us an email directly at .