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Resolving Underpaid or Overpaid Transaction (Consumer)

A quick run-through on how to deal with underpaid or overpaid payments.


  1. When a customer made an underpayment, the payment link would automatically reflect an "Underpaid" transaction.
  2. By simply clicking "Pay again", the customer will be directed to a new payment link and can select the type of wallet connection desired. A successful prompt will appear once the transaction went through and the balance was fully paid.


  1. The customer is also notified immediately when an overpayment occurred. The customer can either set the excess balance as a tip or request a refund from the merchant.
  2. Choosing to set it as a tip will mark the transaction as "Paid" and "Successful". Clicking "Contact Merchant" would initiate a refund request. The customer can leave a note for the merchant if any information one would want the merchant to know. 
  3. Once the merchant approves the refund, the customer should receive an email containing a refund link where a valid return wallet address is asked. 

If you have other questions and/or clarifications you can contact us by submitting a ticket on our support page here or send us an email directly at support@eukapay.com.