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How to create products for faster Invoicing

A step-by-step tutorial on how to create/add products beforehand for EukaPay Invoicing

  1. Once logged in, click More and select Products.
  2. On the Product page, click Create Product and a Create New Product window will appear.
  3. On Create New Product window, enter the product details. After filling up the details, click Create. 
    1. Add Price is a feature where users can assign product prices in a different currency. 
      *Note: Current monetary currencies supported: CAD, USD, and EUR
    2. Under More Details, the user can set a discount amount or percentage, and choose whether to include tax rates.
  4. The newly created product is now displayed on the main Product Details page.
  5. Users can also edit product details by selecting the product and clicking the icon. For product deletion, select the product and click the icon.