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EukaPay Refund Terms and Conditions (Consumer)

This support page briefly explains the terms of refund process, minimum refund amount and refund fees.

Processing a refund can be done by the Merchant and EukaPay depending on the amount of payment to be paid back to the consumer. In addition, please take note of the different limits per currency and network defined in the table below

  • Refund by the Merchant: The refund amount is greater than 100 USD. 
    • The customer should reach out directly to the merchant to request a refund. Once an agreement is reached regarding the refund, the merchant will initiate the process, by sending the customer a refund link wherein the customer should input a valid return wallet address. The refund will be transferred in cryptocurrency, corresponding to the agreed amount in fiat currency, and the conversion will be based on the exchange rate set when the customer provides the return address.
  • Refund by EukaPay: The refund amount is less than 100 USD

Note: Customer should reach out directly to Merchant only even when refund amount is less than 100 USD. It is Merchant's responsibility to coordinate with EukaPay for a refund if needed. 


Payment Currency Conditions

When transacting, please ensure that funds are sent to the correct network. Otherwise, funds will be permanently lost if the currency and network chosen by the customer are not supported by EukaPay. 

Blockchain Currency Exchange Rate Timer
Min Refundable Amount
Bitcoin Mainnet 20 Minute 10 USD
Ethereum Ethereum 20 Minute 10 USD
Polygon Ethereum 20 Minute 10 USD
Tether Ethereum 20 Minute 10 USD
USD Coin Ethereum 20 Minute 10 USD
Litecoin Litecoin 20 Minute 10 USD
Bitcoin Cash Mainnet 20 Minute 10 USD
Solana Solana 20 Minute 10 USD
Tether Tron 20 Minute 1 USD


Refund Fees and Refunds above 1000USD

For every refund transaction, EukaPay will be charging the customer a flat 1%.

If the refund is equal to or greater than 1000 USD, the customer will need to complete a KYC verification process. Customers will need to provide information including, but not limited to, full legal name, address, and date of birth.

If you have other questions and/or clarifications you can contact us by submitting a ticket on our support page here or send us an email directly at .