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How to Use: API for online payments

Are you selling goods or services online? Would you like to integrate online checkouts? Our simple API allows your system to communicate and share product and pricing data, for seamless checkouts.

  1. Create an API key that will serve as the user's authentication and authorization when connecting to EukaPay API. On the dashboard, click Integrations. This will direct the user to the Settings page and here enter the desired key name for the API key and click Create



  2. A small modal will appear containing the newly created API key. Save and store the key in a secure place, the key can only be accessed once after its creation. If the key is lost or become inaccessible, we recommend deleting the key and creating a new one for security purposes. We also recommend deleting any keys that are not currently in use as well.

  3. API documentation exists as Developer Docs under Help, which provides essential information and guidelines for developers to understand, utilize, and integrate the EukaPay API into their applications or systems, effectively. 


If you have other questions and/or clarifications you can contact us by submitting a ticket on our support page here or send us an email directly at .